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              PRODUCTS > Stone Cutting Machine > JHM-2800/3200 Single Beam Cutting (Trailer Segmentation)

              JHM-2800/3200 Single Beam Cutting (Trailer Segmentation)

              The combination of gantry saws can be linked to 1-18pieces cut to size, but also for the process and windows, multi-directional cutting of stone, with operational flexibility, applicability, etc., can save all the costs of car efficiency high, large blocks of high-value processing is particularly suitable for forming sheet metal. The aircraft hydraulic system with its own R & D with advanced automation and sophisticated digital computer operating systems based company to win more praise.
              Main motor power  (kw)30/3745/55
              Diameter of blade (LxWxH)  (mm)Φ1600~2500Φ1600~2800
              Elevation travel of motor (mm)13001400
              Slicing stroke (mm)20002600
              Cutting sroke (mm)45004500
              Saw the numbe (pcs)1~121~16
              Gross power (kw)42.250.2
              Max.worktable (mm)4300*2000*20004300*2600*2000
              Overall dimensions (LxWxH) (mm)6300*6000*31006300*6000*3200