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              Set design, development, manufacturing as one of professional manufacturer of stone machinery and equipment!


              We strictly require every detail of work to enthusiastic work attitude, perfect to convey information to build and maintain customers' products and services.


              1. Consumers installation, commissioning products;

              2. According to consumer requirements, technical guidance on the use of other aspects;

              3. To ensure the supply of spare parts for maintenance;

              4. Responsible service;

              5. handle consumer letters and visits, to answer consumer advice;

              6. Use a variety of ways to collect the views of consumers on product quality and timely improvements under the circumstances.

              We are committed to: strive to be better!

              In today's highly competitive market, with the conversion of raising awareness of consumer rights and consumer attitudes, consumers buy products, not only noted the product entity itself, the quality and performance under similar circumstances similar products, more attention product service. Therefore, we also provide a more comprehensive service to consumers with better quality products.