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              Set design, development, manufacturing as one of professional manufacturer of stone machinery and equipment!

              R & D Strength

              Jiehong Stone Machinery after sale service: considerate after sale service, provide the support and guarantee for your benefit.

              ● Free of charge to the user for equipment installation and commissioning.

              ● Site training users skilled operation of equipment and to guide the safety in production.

              ● Carefully explain the equipment daily maintenance and troubleshooting of common failures.

              ● The quality problem of our products warranty period, responsible for the warranty baohuan.

              ● Set the resident offices and parts warehouse in domestic, and after sale service technicians, to provide thoughtful, efficient after sale service for you.

              ● Give a reply immediately after receiving the service demand of 1 hours, do 24 hours sent arrived at the scene to eliminate the problem.

              ● Company customer service service department is responsible for receiving and handling customer complaints on product quality and service quality.

              ● No regular follow-up visits the old and new users, for the user to solve difficult;

              ● At any time, any user can arrange technician, to my company to accept the hand free coaching and training.

              ● With an open mind to accept the improvement opinion by the customer, according to market changes, to provide satisfying products and service, create value for customers.

              We will try to exclude the difficulty and anxiety for you, have your business success is our more brilliant!

              Thank you for your sincere cooperation!