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              Set design, development, manufacturing as one of professional manufacturer of stone machinery and equipment!

              LOGO Explain


              The Jiehong mechanical logo uses the "J" and "H" pinyin initials "J" and "H" as elements to integrate the most representative sawtooth of the machine,  refilecting the brand attributes. The overall shape of the logo is the shape of the shield, which means the quality of Jiehong's unbreakable product. Jiehong Machinery English (JIHOBARN) means JIHO  (JiehongJianxue) BARN (help+verb) is Jiehong people under the ability to help people, help people urgentty. Be grateful. Thanks to everyone for their support of Jiehong, don't forget the original heart, and always have to.

              In order to create more value for customers, Jiehong always develops in a responsible manner, is manufactured in an"ingenuity" , and carries out strict process management in product development, design and production. A spare part has been carefully selected,  and every process has been refined to form the product quality of Jiehong's unbreakable and shield-like products. It shows the brilliant past of Jiehong and foreshadows the bright future of Jiehong.