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              Set design, development, manufacturing as one of professional manufacturer of stone machinery and equipment!

              Company Profile

              Founded in 1998, Fujian Jiehong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of stone machinery and equipment integrating design, R&D and manufacturing. 20 years of positive and enterprising,  has achieved today's foundation; 20 years of seeking to spread wings, Jiehong pride. In the development of 20 years, Jiehong has created countiess fine products, strong technical force and efficient R&D team,  which makes Jiehong Machinery constantty in the forefront of stone machinery, carrying out the brilliant transformation again and again.

              The company has always adhered to the spirit of "manufacturing, qualty, and quality," strictly controlling the quality of products,keeping checks at all levels,  keeping improving and pursuing excellence. The products are sold all over the country and exported to Europe, America, Midle East,  Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. High praise from users at home and abroad.

              Jiehong Machinery takes "continuous innovation, instant service' as its corporate philosophy, and takes science and technology as the guide,  and constanty strives to provide high quality and efficlent stone machinery for our customers!