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              Set design, development, manufacturing as one of professional manufacturer of stone machinery and equipment!
              How can stone machinery enterprises enhance their international competitiveness?
              Column:Trade News Time:2020-12-25 Browsing volume: 187
              In recent years, stone products have become more diversified, and people have higher and higher requirements for the quality and design of stone. How to make stone products meet the requirements of consumers is a question 

              In recent years, stone products have become more diversified, and people have higher and higher requirements for the quality and design of stone. How to make stone products meet the requirements of consumers is a question that stone manufacturers are constantly seeking: some people say that they cannot do without stone. Overall quality; some people say that it is inseparable from stone cutting technology; some people say that it is inseparable from stone processing machinery. In the processing of stone products, stone machinery plays an important role. So, from what aspects should the international competitiveness of stone machinery be improved?

              1. Gradually complete the improvement of traditional crafts

              Traditional stone machinery technology cannot meet the requirements of manufacturers, wastes manpower and physics, and affects the efficiency of production. The current stone machinery mainly looks at the use of supporting "software", that is, the application of composite processing technology. How to make better use of these characteristics to optimize the traditional stone processing technology database, and to establish a stone special-shaped product database with a shorter process flow chain, higher efficiency and higher equipment utilization has become an urgent problem to be solved. Only this problem can be solved with high quality and efficiency. , Energy-saving, emission-reduction, and environmental friendliness can be truly achieved, and stone companies can overcome difficulties.

              2. Focus on the research and development of new stone equipment

              The stone numerical control processing equipment is gradually developing towards simplified components, compact structure, modular configuration and commercialization of components. At the same time, there are full-function CNC machining centers suitable for multi-variety, single-piece and small-batch production conditions, and special-purpose CNC machining equipment suitable for improving production efficiency and larger batch production conditions. Good composite processing equipment is never and cannot be simply assembled from a single CNC equipment with different processes or processes, but must be innovatively developed on the basis of optimizing the existing traditional process processes and the configuration of the machine tool structure from. Only by continuously improving production technology and equipment and promoting the upgrading of the industry can enterprises become bigger and stronger and enhance their competitiveness in the market.

              3. Promote the formation of a standardization system for stone machinery and equipment

              The standardization of special machinery for stone is an important part of the standardization of the stone industry and an important condition for the modernization of the stone industry. The improvement of the technical level of the stone industry depends on the improvement of the stone machinery level; and the improvement of the stone machinery level, the improvement of the standard level is the key. With the establishment of the Standards Committee, it is hoped that enterprises will pay attention to and actively participate in the standard work, and establish our own standard system of stone special machinery and tools suitable for the development of the stone industry at home and abroad as soon as possible to create favorable conditions for the modernization of the stone industry.

              4. Use national policies to actively adjust the industrial structure and marketing model

              First of all, the stone industry should conform to my country's overall deployment of "expanding domestic demand and maintaining growth", increase the development of the domestic market, consolidate the eastern part, and develop the central and western parts, instead of blindly expanding reproduction. Second, take advantage of national policy support such as the reduction in the import tax rate of blocks and the increase in the export tax rebate rate, implement the diversification strategy in the international market, consolidate the European, American, Japanese and Korean markets, and develop emerging markets. Finally, the stone industry must adjust the product structure, marketing model, and corporate organizational structure. Various companies must maintain healthy competition, avoid unnecessary internal friction, learn the marketing concepts and models of the ceramic industry, take the road of industrial integration, and build an aircraft carrier in the industry. Grade enterprise. Only by continuously innovating and launching new products and keeping up with the development of the international stone industry can stone machinery manufacturing enterprises have a long-term foothold in the highly competitive international market. Although my country’s stone equipment manufacturing industry is still facing some difficulties and pressures, we should also see that the domestic and international markets are vast, and there are huge development opportunities. As long as we adhere to the scientific development concept and do a good job in the adjustment of the industry and product structure, , Striving to create one's own brand in the domestic market, we will surely be able to create new brilliance.

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